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Watch Cuttings Root

Fig cuttings in bag with callus on exposed endThis year I pre-rooted my fig cuttings in clear plastic bags before potting them up.

I usually just stick my fig cuttings straight into a pot containing soilless potting mix. I get good results, so haven’t experimented much. Click here to see a previous post where I explain how I prepare, store, and root fig cuttings.

But a while back I printed off an interesting article from the website about rooting cuttings in a bag. I’ve been itching to try it…and now I have. If you haven’t explored this site before, check it out—there’s oodles of good information.

Cuttings with callus and rootsThe cuttings-in-a-bag technique worked beautifully and I recommend it. I had callusing and roots before potting up my cuttings. That means there’s less chance of cuttings rotting in damp potting mix.

After I sealed the paper-towel wrapped cuttings in clear bags I put them on the heated floor in my kitchen. I left half an inch of branch unwrapped, and that’s where the roots formed. Keep the paper towel moist—but not so wet that there is any water pooling within the bag. Then, all you have to do is wait and watch!

Rooted fig cuttings are potted up. After they are watered, i put a clear plastic dome over the top to keep conditions humid while they continue rooting and start to grow.

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