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Grow Figs: The Talk

Steve's talk about growing figs always generates lots of audience questions.

So you didn’t think you could grow figs beyond where they're winter hardy?

Well you can—and you don’t need a greenhouse to do it. Fig trees are actually very forgiving plants that will take a lot of abuse.

I'm a self-described Fig-Pig who grows fig trees in Toronto, Canada. If you want the simple truth about growing a crop of figs at home—and want to know how to propagate your own fig trees—this talk is for you.

Watch these videos

In these videos I explain how to grow figs in places where they wouldn't normally survive the winter. It's not difficult!

Steve Biggs' Five Tip Fig Tips from Orchard People on Vimeo.


I was Surprised

PEOPLE IN COLDISH CLIMATES LOVE THE IDEA THAT THEY CAN GROW THEIR OWN FIGS. That became perfectly clear to me when I gave a talk about growing figs and brought a couple of extra fig trees as a door prize. The winner of one of the trees came up to me afterwards and said that she had multiple offers to buy the tree.

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