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Grow Figs

IF YOU LIKE FIGS, and if you live somewhere they won't survive the winter, then you're at the right website!

I'm Steven Biggs, a Fig Pig living in a coldish climate. I built this website to share my passion for figs. I want other people in fig-unfriendly places to know that growing this fabulous fruit isn’t rocket science.

"The book is terrific! Smart, informative and funny. It attenuates my 'fig anxiety' with all your practical advice."

Sarah G. Toronto, Ontario

Information About Growing Figs

Read excerpts from my book, Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't, for inspiration, common sense, and practical information about growing figs:

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Talks About Growing Figs

Contact me if you want to discuss a Talk or Workshop About Growing Figs for your club or organization.

More Practical Gardening Tips and Ideas

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